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Bioresonance - Biospect Therapy

We are specialised in Bioresonance Quantum Therapy, exclusively selling and teaching about the Biospect 25  3D Device.
We are based in Thailand

Discover, learn and practice a unique and effective way to restore balance in yourself...

Get 3 % discount on the purchase

of our Biospect Device !

 "What we call matter is really just specific dynamics of the field we are bathing in." – Nassim Haramein


Our online or in class training Biospect 25

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our team of certified practitioners
For Health professionals or general public

What we offer in our training

The Biospect 25 3D device

- The device latest version : Russian, Certified + CE certificate.​

- User manual

- The software: version Biospect 25 D3 correctly translated, structural update offered, and adapted to our practice.
- The 9 volt plug
- Cables, headphones, external resonance chamber, frequency plate, Software CD and flash drive key.
- Warranty : 2 years​

First level training
We really give an importance to the quality of the training we offer you, included and mandatory when you purchase the Biospect device.
We want it simple, direct, efficient, to enable you to be a confident and efficient practitioner with your clients, as well as enjoying the incredible potentialities of the Biospect device. It presents as below;

A 4 days training (16 hours) in visioconference, with the following education goals:
- To master scans, interpretations and treatments.
- Understanding and mastering the basic buttons and functions of the NLS Biospect system.
- Know the main analysis protocols of Biospect
- Meaning of curves and icons.
- Use the different scanning possibilities of the Biospect (manual, automatic, meridians or organs).
- Know the inevitable targets of Biospect.
- Frequency table reminder.

- How to do sessions remotely.
- Training and backup support whenever needed for one year and a personalized support program, and addition to a group of support of 35 practitioners.

- Regular update of the software when provided by the Russian team.


The use of the device is simple, and it is highly recommended to regularely practice to assimilate the different points targeted during the training.
Once you feel very confident, then you can decide to deepen your knowledge, with our addditional paid training modules.


we give a certificate at the end of the training.
We are accredited and recognized by the Russian team of developers as an exclusive distributor of the device and trainer for the English speaking market.

How to enroll?
To start this incredible adventure of becoming a Bioresonance practitioner, we will ask you 50 % of the totality of the training. (which includes the purchase of the Biospect Device).
​The 50 % remaining will be paid before we send you the machine.

Shipping of the Biospect 25 Device

We take care of the shipping cost which is at our charge. 
The carriers we use are Fedex, UPS, EMS. 
The device is sent from Thailand to your country, door to door.

The delivery time to receive your machine, from your first downpayment is about 3 weeks, depending of the country of destination.


The payment is done either by wise transfer or bank transfer.
Payments wit paypal and credit card are also available on request. We will send a link for the payment via email.
Please note that we would need to charge 4 % extra to the price of the Device  if choosing the paypal/credit card options of payment.

Contact us via email for any inquiry or to generate a payment to purchase our Biospect 25 Pro 3D Device.

Please check our terms and conditions for more information about the warranty and other important points.

If you like to receive a session to see by yourself the benefits of the Biospect device, and confirm a purchase of the device afterwards, 

we will be happy to deduct the price of the session from the device.

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