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Bioresonance - Biospect Therapy

We are specialised in Bioresonance Quantum Therapy, exclusively selling and teaching about the Biospect 25  3D Device.
We are based in Thailand

Discover, learn and practice a unique and effective way to restore balance in yourself...

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 "What we call matter is really just specific dynamics of the field we are bathing in." – Nassim Haramein


What is Bioresonance ?

2023-01-29 03:11



What is bioresonance

Bioresonance is  an extremely interesting technique to support the body...   From Atom to Bioresonance... Matter is both corpuscule and wave.




Bioresonance is  an extremely interesting technique
to support the body...



From Atom to Bioresonance
 We propose here a description as concise as possible.

Matter, even if our senses show us as full,  is mainly made up of emptiness.
If you zoom inside your body or a piece of wood, or any "thing" that appears solid, physical, with a density, we arrive at the level of the atom and this atom, like the solar system, is made up mainly of vacuum.

If we look at a part of our body, the hand for example, we feel it solid, we see it, and yet, it is made up of emptiness.
In Bioesonance, it is important to remember that when we see, look at an organism, a living element, it is mainly made up of emptiness.








Matter is both corpuscule and wave.
In quantum physics, it has been demonstrated that matter has both states at once.
If matter, the body are also waves, then we can do something with its waves and frequencies.

Our body is made up of 100,000 billion cells, each containing information.
The body is divided into different systems: respiratory, digestive, nervous.
In relation to bioresonance, what will interest us is to try to understand what is happening at the cellular level.

Everything that makes up our body, cells and bacteria, emit specific energy in the form of vibrations. The vibrations that are emitted by each of our cells are the basis of intercellular communication to regulate their proper functioning, this is what science has demonstrated for any living organism.









Bioresonance haromonises, restores
When toxic substances, viruses, bacteria... or chemical agents such as pollution, drugs, radiation... act on the body, this creates interferences that disrupt intercellular communication and therefore the proper functioning of cells. The consequences of this malfunction manifest themselves more or less quickly in the form of discomfort, low diet, chronic fatigue.
If this malfunction of the cells continues, it will lead to organ damage with disease-specific symptoms. Symptoms often appear on a part of the body or organ that is already weakened or weakened due to heredity.

By acting on the fields that surround us, invisible, but yet very existing, it becomes possible to restore lost balances. 
With bioresonance we discover that each of our organs and each cell of the body, vibrates according to a specific frequency. It is thus possible to capture these emissions, to read them and to return, if necessary, to the organ in disharmony an appropriate and corrective vibrational information.
























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