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Bioresonance - Biospect Therapy

We are specialised in Bioresonance Quantum Therapy, exclusively selling and teaching about the Biospect 25  3D Device.
We are based in Thailand

Discover, learn and practice a unique and effective way to restore balance in yourself...

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 "What we call matter is really just specific dynamics of the field we are bathing in." – Nassim Haramein





The different names given to the device: Biospect NLS Bioresonance, Biospect NLS Device biofeedback, Biospect 25 3D. 

The bioresonance device Biospect 25 allows, through the analysis of thousands of points in the body, and in a completely painless way, to detect disturbed energy fields, to identify them and to rebalance them.

How does that work?

It scans, analyses and reinformes the biological frequencies of the organism In a few minutes, it provides many valuable electromagnetic information on the body. It can also send corrective frequencies and evaluate feedback results.
Biospect Technology is an open door to a new well-being.


We can direct the Biospect to investigate the unique frequency of for example the tissue of the right lung, the Bio-fiels of both brain and lung tissue (as with all parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other.

The Biospect transfers the frequencies of a healthy organ to the client, stimulating the body's human system to get back to "health".​



Russian scientists have developed this analysis system and investigation, unique in the world which makes it possible to measure and follow the frequency characteristics of organs, tissues and cells: the Biospect nonlinear analysis system (NLS).


This device is sending an infra-red triggering signal of very low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain, via speicially designed headphones.

The principle is based on the fact that each cell, tissue and organ have their own unique frequency pattern that varies whether they experience a load or stress.

The healthier the area investigated is, the more stable its frequency pattern will be.

Biospect 25 PRo 3D scan

"Bioresonance allows us to obtain information about our client that we would otherwise be impossible to obtain to amplify healing".

"Bioresonance helps us to step out of our comfort zone. The device allows us to record extremely valuable information about the human being, his emotions".

Bioresonance Diagnosis and Therapy NLS

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The device consists of a signal transmitter-receiver box, a headphone fitted with magnetic collectors, and computer interface software. The device sends, via the transmitter, electromagnetic information that will resonate with the signals specific to each organ. The particular signal of each organ is thus received, processed, compared with the database of the device and analyzed. The result of this work then appears on the operator's screen in the form of a pictorial representation of the organs, color symbols, curves and data.
The biospect NLS is a very unique tool to analysis and organ stress level and disfunction.


A Biospect NLS bioresonance session takes place in 4 stages:
• Investigations in 3D • Land analysis • Re-information • Evaluation​

A full session will last about 2 hours.

With an acute problem, one single therapy session is often all that is needed.
With a chronic conditions, it may require several sessions over a period of time.
See our article "What is Bioresonance" for more information


The Biospect is not intended for medical use and cannot be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a disease or to carry out analyzes allowing to draw medical conclusions.


What is it good for?

Biospect 25 PRo biofeedback

The Biospect NLS Device biofeedback can scan and give back information regarding:


Endocrind and lymphatic systems










Rheumatoid arhtritis

DNA, etc.

Check out our blog for our related articles 


Who can receive a session?

Biospect 25 Pro can treat animals

Adults of all ages and children can benefit the Biospect device! Our friends pets too!
​Contact us to know more for a session for your pet!

It is safe, non invasive and gentle.
It can help to point out in a early stage a problem, and where it is located.

The action from the Biospect Device helps to remove umbalances due to the presence of viruses, bacterias, parasites, toxins an chemicals. 

Boosting the immune systeme, by using the body's own electormagnetic frequencies.

Some examples : allergens, immune disorders, inflammatory issues, common pain, digestive problems.​

Biospect 25 Pro device suitable for adults and children

2 ways to receive a session

Physicially: you get an appointment with a Bioresonance practitioner. You will sit or lay down confortably with the headphone on your head and can see the session and transformations on the  screen of the computer.

Remote: for different reasons, we sometimes have not the time to travel, or due to injuries or age problems. ​The remote session is as powerful as receiving physically.
You take an online appointment via skype for example, and can see the screen of the computer showing your datas, like if you were physically present.

Are there any contraindications with using the Biospect device?

The only main contraindication is with people having a pacemaker (unless is the session is a remote one), and in case of organ transplant.
It is safe for babies, children, pregnant women (best if not under 3 months pregnant).

Watch our video about the Biospect 25 device and sesssions (physically present and remote).

We stay at your disposal via email, Whatsapp, to talk online, via messenger or zoom.
Whether you need more details regarding how it works or how you could use it.
​You can also get an in presence physically or remote session, to get a clear idea and to get the benefits of it!


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